Sacre Coeur Former Pupils Football Club
»» St Lukes FC ««
St Lukes FC existed originally as a vets team playing friendlies around the north west against teams such as Ramblers, Chester Nomads and Old Xavs. After playing on and off over a few years, Phil Steele took control of the team for a year before he registered them in the I Zingari Combination Division 2 for the 2010/11 season.
St Lukes Original Squad
The squad comprised mainly of lads who had all attended Sacred Heart together and included many who had also played for Coeur in the past such as Phil, Chuk Egbumokei, Rob Sinclair and Chris McDougall. After a slow start the team finished a respectable 5th led by Kenni Jackson as skipper. 2011/12 season saw the squad lose some players which in turn affected results with some weeks seeing the bare 11 turning up. Lukes finished the season in 10th place.

With an offer on the table to join up with Waterloo, Si Furlong and John Summerfield led discussions about Lukes becoming part of Coeur. Phil put this to a vote with the Lukes squad who overwhelmingly supported the move and it was ratified at the end of season AGM. St Lukes will now become a Sacre Coeur team with Phil remaining as manager and Ste Meadows as skipper.
St Lukes Extinguish Flames
Golden Boot
Phil Steele - 12
Phil Steele - 24
Rob Sinclair - 26
Player of the Season
Chuk Egbumokei
Tom Blance and Ste Hughes
Player's Player
Sportsman of the Year
Ste Meadows
Ste Hughes
Jay McParland