Sacre Coeur Former Pupils Football Club
2013-14 Presentation
Crosby Social Club Friday 16th May 2014

Along with the traditional club awards we also have a few others including:
The 'Usain Bolt' Award
The 'SAS Sniper' Award
The 'Ahh Bisto' Award
The 'Loadsamoney' Award
The 'Gone to the Dogs' Award
The 'Paris Hilton' Award
The 'Oliver Reed' Award

And the return of some regular awards such as:
The 'Fluke of the Season' Award and The 'Ronny Rosenthal' Award

The awards give us a chance to look back on the season and enjoy some of the great moments of the past 9 months. So come along and join us as we share a few beverages and celebrate another season in the history of our great club.