Sacre Coeur Former Pupils Football Club
Sacre Coeur Race Night
Crosby Social Club Saturday 14th November 2015
  • The night will consist of 8 races. Each race will have 8 horses in it.
  • The compere will announce the runners in each race, then the tote will then open for the race.
  • You can buy any number of tickets for any of the horses. Each ticket will cost £1.
  • Once all bets have been taken, one of the races will be selected at random.
  • Before the race starts the compere will announce who is favourite for the race.
Along with the betting on the night, we are selling the horses and jockeys for each race. Also we are looking for people to sponsor the races at £25.

Each horse costs £10. The owner is free to name their horse. The winning owner will receive £40.

Each jockey costs £5. The winning jockey will receive £20.

Here is a blank race cardto print out & sell the horses and jockeys now.