Si Furlong's First Team
Liverpool Old Boys League's Division 2
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Line Up
Starting 11
David Brewis
Adrian Maxwell
Jonathan Boyea
Chuk Egbumokei
Alex Mullen-Grigoropoulos
Paddy Davis
Jack Riley
Joe Hoose
Jonny Dougan
Callum Cox
Jay Murphy
Darren Woodcock
Paul Jackson

Match Details
Liverpool Old Boys League Division 2
Date of Match: Tue 6th April
Kick Off: 6:15pm
Ground: Holly Lodge L12 7LE
Referee: Steve Stewart
Liverpool Old Boys League
Division 2

Collegiate O.B.
1 - 4

Sacre Coeur
Jay Murphy (2)
Alex Mullen-Grigoropoulos
Jack Riley

Man of the Match
To be decided

Match Report

Match report not available