Si Furlong's First Team
Liverpool Old Boys League's Division 2
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Line Up
Starting 11
Kev Taylor
Adrian Maxwell
Chuk Egbumokei
Jonathan Boyea
Alex Mullen-Grigoropoulos
Paddy Davis
Darren Woodcock
Joe Hoose
Jack Riley
Rob Sinclair
Jay Murphy
Alex Deboe
Callum Cox
Elliott McDonough
Rob Stones
Isaac Hannigan

Match Details
Liverpool Old Boys League Connerty Cup
Date of Match: Sat 5th June
Kick Off: 3:30pm
Ground: Jeffrey Humble L9 6AG
Referee: James Marsh
Sacre Coeur

1 - 8

Jaguar Rovers
Callum Cox

Man of the Match
To be decided

Match Report

Match report not available